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Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects approximately 1 in 2 people.

In people with diabetes blood glucose levels are higher than normal because the body either does not produce enough insulin or can not use insulin properly. Although the causes and treatments for type 1 and type 2 diabetes can be different, the complications or damage to the organs of the body resulting from high blood glucose levels are similar for both.

Neuropathy and blood vessel damage may lead to leg ulcers, serious foot problems and limb amputation. It is estimated that amputation is 15 times more common in people who have diabetes than in people who do not.

Doppler ultrasoundAt the Total Footcare Centre we use the latest in technology to assess the diabetic foot. These assessments include:

•  Vascular Studies to assess Blood Flow
•  Neurological tests to detect any changes in Nerve Function
•  Biomechanical studies to detect any abnormalities

Research suggests that early assessment and intervention is crucial in treatment of the diabetic foot.

Make an appointment today before it is too late.

For further information on diabetes, we recommend you visit the website of Diabetes Australia.

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