Gait Assessment & Orthotics

Silicon CoachHere at the Total Footcare Centre we use the very latest in technology to assess your biomechanical problems.

Silicon Coach Video Analysis

Gaitscan at Total Foot CareSilicon Coach is a state of the art biomechanical assessment tool which allows us to video tape you walking or running. Once footage is obtained we can analyse point by point your alignment to detect any anomalies.

This equipment allows the podiatrist and client to see what the naked eye cannot.

Gait Scan Pressure Plate

The GaitScan is a computerised walking analysis system.

The GaitScan™ system records timing sequences during gait and captures the relative pressure load of each area of the foot.

With over 4000 sensors in the pressure plate this system provides us with a comprehensive analysis of the plantar pressure in the foot.

Both the Silicon Coach Video Analysis and Gait Scan System enable us to accurately assess, measure and diagnose biomechanical problems for children, teenagers, athletes, elderly and painful foot of any age.

Total Foot Care supplies orthoticsOrthotics

Depending on the assessment and diagnosis, orthotics may be required to treat the problem foot.

Orthotics are inserts which aim to improve comfort, function and alignment of the feet.

Should you require orthotics we utililise a range of orthotics to suit the problem and foot. These include custom orthotics, semi-customised orthotics and off-the-shelf orthotics.

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